The Nonprofit Atlas




Founded by business partners Dylan McCain Allen and Stuart Hodes, The Nonprofit Atlas connects the dots for any “do-gooders” to do the most good. We simplify the work of securing resources, relationships, and best practices that fuel a mission and realize a vision.

On a mission to provide clarity and capability to the social sector, The Nonprofit Atlas envisions a world where social innovators and community leaders have the power to make lasting, positive, and systemic change.

Our Approach

  • At The Nonprofit Atlas, we offer 40 years of unparalleled expertise in nonprofit management, delivering tailored consultancy services that drive impactful results. From conquering regulatory hurdles to amplifying fundraising efforts and fortifying governance structures, we’re your strategic partner in achieving your organization’s mission. 
  • Our collaborative approach, fueled by extensive industry insights and a commitment to innovation, ensures that we carve out effective solutions that propel your organization forward. With a dedication to excellence and integrity, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable outcomes and fostering enduring partnerships. 
  • Whether you’re a grassroots initiative or a global entity, trust The Nonprofit Atlas to guide you through the intricacies of the social sector and catalyze positive change in your community. 

Our Philosophy

  • We elevate a strengths-based approach to personal, managerial, leadership, and community development.
  • We emphasize abundance mindsets rather than scarcity mindsets.
  • We believe that Community-Centric Fundraising improves upon Donor-Centric Fundraising.
  • We exercise data-based decision-making everywhere with everyone.
  • We leverage IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) to uplift innovation.


The Nonprofit Atlas offers three branches of services: