The Nonprofit Atlas




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The Problem:

Businesses are continually solicited for funds by numerous community organizations, interrupting the daily flow of operations.

  • There are more than 18,000 nonprofits in Central Florida.
  • Supporting too many organizations dilutes the impact of each donation.


The Solution:

We offer an efficient, effective, and uniform way to handle charitable solicitations. We work with your corporate strengths to help you make the biggest impact through your contributions and local engagement—on the community, your brand, and your bottom line.


How we help:

  1. All charitable solicitations are directed to The Nonprofit Atlas.
  2. The Nonprofit Atlas processes solicitations per a co-created giving plan consistent with your company’s goals and objectives. Passion projects will be championed.
  3. We vet soliciting organizations. We request relevant information and communicate with soliciting organizations annually to update their information.
  4. We identify nonprofits and associations that best align with your giving plan.
  5. We track soliciting organizations’ history of solicitations.
  6. We collect impact reports following gifts where needed and give you status updates on your community investments.
  7. We ensure partnership obligations are met by all parties.
  8. We evaluate your giving strategy and impacts annually.