The Nonprofit Atlas



Let us accelerate your mission.



The Nonprofit Atlas takes some of the weight off nonprofits’ shoulders.

Focus on growing your mission and moving the needle. We’ll handle the rest. 

How we can help:

  • Executive management. Ready to hire an executive director? They need to focus on building awareness, resources, and strategic vision. Instead of doing it all alone, let us manage the administrative affairs (financial management, data input, etc.). We can also:
    • SERVE as an interim or permanent executive,
    • HIRE (or help you search for) an executive, and/or
    • TRAIN the new executive for leadership and management.
  • Administrative management. Need to delegate some tasks so you can focus on bigger projects? We can connect you with a dedicated, remote administrative assistant. They can help with such tasks as:
    • Donor data management,
    • Bookkeeping,
    • Impact data analysis and visualization,
    • Event planning,
    • Board coordination,
    • Research and special projects,
    • Human resources,
    • Volunteer engagement,
    • Communications and social media implementation,
    • Or more!
  • Board management. A strong board of directors is key to a thriving nonprofit. We can orient new board members, prepare materials for recurring board meetings, and prepare policies that engage your board members with growing your operation.
  • Grants management. We have raised over $1 million in grants.
    • For nonprofits, we can write requests, maintain relationships, prepare reports, and coordinate deadlines and team projects.
    • For foundations, we can help you administer grants by collecting and refining applications as well as by supporting boards of trustees as they make charitable decisions.
  • Facilities management. Upkeep costs time and resources that you should be spending on your programs. We can pair you with an experienced facilities manager who can coordinate landscaping, building maintenance, IT services, and intermittent needs like facilities improvements or emergency rehabilitation services.
  • Human resources management. Many nonprofits can’t afford a dedicated, full-time HR professional, so let us connect you with someone who can give your staff great experiences at work without breaking the bank. We can help with:
    • Recruitment,
    • Training and continuous professional development,
    • Payroll,
    • Performance evaluations and improvements,
    • Human resources planning, and
    • Employee satisfaction.