The Nonprofit Atlas



About Us

Founded by business partners Dylan McCain Allen and Stuart Hodes, The Nonprofit Atlas connects the dots for any “do-gooders” to do the most good. We simplify the work of securing resources, relationships, and best practices that fuel a mission and realize a vision.


On a mission to provide clarity and capability to the social sector, The Nonprofit Atlas envisions a world where social innovators and community leaders have the power to make lasting, positive, and systemic change.


Our philosophy:

  • We elevate a strengths-based approach to personal, managerial, leadership, and community development.
  • We emphasize abundance mindsets rather than scarcity mindsets.
  • We believe that Community-Centric Fundraising adds value to Donor-Centric Fundraising.


The Nonprofit Atlas offers three branches of services:

  • Nonprofit Consulting: We help socially minded missions take the struggle out of moving the needle.
  • Nonprofit Management: We take the burden of the world off nonprofits’ shoulders.
  • Strategic Giving: We simplify the making of donations for the private sector.